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Therapeutic Hot Tub Tips

What is Hydrotherapy? Hydrotherapy has been used for thousands of years. The Greeks and Romans treated many conditions with it. Hot tubs give you three of nature’s most powerful healing agents: heat, water and air. These work together to gently massage the body while easing away aches and pains. It’s a natural therapy, safely used by hospitals, […]

Step by Step Guide to Draining Your Hot Tub

Most spa owners change their hot tub’s water every 2 to 4 months. Over time, salts from sweat and other non-organic materials build up in the water. These Total Dissolved Solids, or TDS, cause cloudiness or other problems. Even though organic materials like skin cells & bacteria are destroyed by your hot tub shock, TDS […]

Hot Tub Manufacturing – What to Look for in a Hot Tub

Material Acrylic is the most common spa shell material, but roto-cast polymer, vinyl and wood are also options. The spa shell not only determines the look of the hot tub, but also its cost, insulation, and strength. Acrylic Shell Acrylic is beautiful, durable, and versatile. Molds form it into contoured shapes for comfortable, form-fitting seating […]

Hot Tub Buyer’s Guide – Choosing the right tub for you

Owning a spa is like having a personal hot spring right in your backyard. Hot tubs are perfect for relaxing and soothing those sore muscles and joints. Once you decide to invest in your own tub, choosing the right one can be a big task. We created this guide to help you make an informed, confident purchase. Size and Space […]

Spa Cover Care – Clean, Maintain & Protect your Cover

Spa covers are an investment in your hot tub. Like any investment, you would like to protect it. This guide presents maintenance tips that can save you money and maybe even some grief in the long run. About Spa Cover Vinyl Most hot tub covers use a vinyl type material for the jacket, or skin. […]

Hot Tub Leaks – How to Find and Stop Them

Eventually, all hot tub owners have to deal with spa leaks. Finding and fixing them is a breeze, if you know where to look. Finding leaks After turning off the power, open the equipment compartment and look for obvious leaks or pooling. On spas with foam-filled cabinets, dig away the soggy foam until you find […]

Basics of Hot Tub Water Care

  By keeping in mind the basic ABCs of spa water chemistry, you'll be assured a pleasant, healthy hot tubbing experience. If you are new to the wonderful world of hot tubs, start here! Unlike bathtubs, we don’t drain hot tubs after use, so we must take measures to ensure clear, clean, sparkling water. This means balancing [...]

Hot Tub Energy Saving – How-To Guide

The most energy-efficient hot tubs make good use of the laws of thermodynamics. Luckily, you don’t have to be a physics professor to save money on heating your spa. A little knowledge will help you select an energy-saving, eco-friendly spa. We’ll also show you how to make an older tub more energy efficient. When Shopping for […]

Medical and Safety Tips to Consider in a Spa

Medical Concerns Using certain prescription drugs can cause drowsiness, dehydration, decreased heart rate and other issues in hot water. Talk to your doctor before entering a spa to prevent adverse reactions. Those with health issues like heart disease, diabetes, high/low blood pressure should check with a doctor before spa use. Be prepared by learning CPR and […]

Hot Tub & Spa Safety Tips

For healthy, safe and relaxing soaks, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Make spa safety simple with a bit a sensibility and our helpful tips. Maintain Sanitizer & Water Balance Clean, balanced water is mandatory for hot tub safety. Bacteria and viruses thrive in untreated hot water. Before getting into any spa, use test […]

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