Hot Tub moving and disposal

Backyard Oasis is currently removing hot tubs for free!

If you have a hot tub that it is no more than 10 years old,
and you do not want it any more, but you want professionals to take it away.

Give us a call for more information!

Moving and Disposal FAQs

Q: How much would it cost me to move a spa?

A: That would depend on the following: Size and weight of the spa / hot tub. Location where it is being picked up. Location where it is being dropped off. How is the access at both locations. Our prices start at $299.

Q: If I want to dump my spa, do you guys do that too?

A: Yes! we provide that service as well.

Q: I have a very old spa I am trying to get rid of, but the access is really narrow or it won’t fit through the gate and I do not wish to take fence down or use a crane, can you cut the spa into pieces and haul it away?

A: Yes! we always have that final option, cut the spa down in pieces. Take it piece by piece out to our truck, then to the landfill.

Q: My spa is sunk into the deck, do you do that too?

A: Yes! we specialize in all types: in deck, in ground, on second story deck, on the hill, you name it.

Q: Can you guys disconnect the spa before hauling it away?

A: Absolutely! We can disconnect the spa, cap off the wires and use wire cups along with electric tape. We will make sure the electric panel is off, existing breaker taken out and made and secure! We are very careful, and will go the extra mile to ensure safety.

Q: What do you mean by access?

A: We need enough clearance, width and height of the spa. Most of the time we stand the spa on it’s side.

Q: Can you remove the fence if necessary?

A: Yes! we will remove the fence and put it back up when finished!

Q: How much notice in advance do you need to set up an appointment?

A: Depends on the schedule availability. You can contact us directly and set up an appointment for the best available date.

Q: Do you guys also do the electrical hook ups?

A: Unfortunately not, we are not certified to do more than disconnect the spa. However, we can provide references for Certified Electrical Technicians at request.

Q: If there is not enough clearance/access, would i need a crane to go over the house ?

A: Although we can almost always remove or deliver a spa/hot tub without needing a crane, there are certain situations where only a crane can do. We would help you find a local crane company. The rates vary in price, some companies are from $290 to $495 or more depending of the size of the crane and time required. The price for moving a spa is separate from that of the crane service cost.

Q: Do you guys do anything else besides moving spas/hot tubs?

A: We specialize in delivering new spas, relocating used ones from one place to another, or disposal of an old spa. We are really good at what we do and strive to keep a good reputation.

Q: I recently purchased a spa from Costco. Can you guys pick it up at the establishment and deliver it to my backyard?

A: ABSOLUTELY! We can pick it up from Costco, Home Depot or any other location for that matter. If your spa has been delivered to your driveway, we will make the final destination to your backyard or anywhere you want it.

Q: My access is very narrow and you have to go down the steps and over the lawn. There are also rocks on uneven ground, should I be worried about my house or spa being damaged?

A: Not at all! We have all of the experience and tools required to make the move of the spa smooth and stress free for you. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. We assure you there will be no damage to your spa or home. That’s why we use plywood, pads, so we don’t leave tire marks on your lawn or deck. The rocks on the uneven ground is not an issue since we use a specialized dolly with big inflatable wheels that can go all terrains. We have all the right tools for any type of job.

Q: How long would it take to remove the spa or deliver the spa?

A: It depends on the access and the type of the job. It can be anywhere from 45 minutes to 4 hours.

If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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