Hot Tub and Spa How-To Guides

This is an information resource for hot tub owners. Whether you purchased your new or used hot tub and spa from us in Austin, or anyone else, we hope that you’ll use these how-to guides from our friends at Spa Depot. It covers every aspect of spa ownership from spa set up, to water balance, sanitizing, periodic maintenance, wiring, and repairs. If you have any more questions you can always contact us with your questions. We also have a growing number of resources on our blog, feel free to check them out.

Buyers Guide, Site Preparation, & Spa Hookup

Hot Tub Buyer’s Guide: your spa shopping handbook
Physical Setup: of the new spa arrival
How to Wire a Spa: 240V hot tub hard-wiring explained
Adding an Ozonator: can reduce chemical use
Spa Safety: be prepared
Energy Savings & Conservation Tips: go green, save some green
Used Hot Tubs: the second-hand buying guide

Water Quality & Balance Essentials

ABCs of Spa Water Chemistry: chemical basics
Spa Preparation & Water Maintenance: the easy way
Using Test Strips: instructions for getting accurate results
pH & Alkalinity Issues: dealing with the ups and downs
Troubleshooting Water Problems: causes and cures

Spa Purification Basics

Sanitizers: pick one that’s right for your hot tub
Spa Shock: the shocking truth
Ozone: aka energetic oxygen for hot tubs
Bromine & Chlorine Alternatives: now you have a choice
Salt Spa Systems: the new technology for hot tubs
All About Chlorine: the rest of the story
Decontaminating Problem Spas: bring sick hot tubs back

Periodic Maintenance

Spa Filter Maintenance: care, cleaning & replacement
Hot Tub Cover Care: keep it looking like new
Draining: when it’s time to change your spa water
Cold Weather Prep & Winterizing: winter is coming

Equipment Repair & Installation

Leaks: find ’em and fix ’em
Ozonator Installation: step-by-step hookup guide
Heater Elements: testing & troubleshooting
Pumps: replacement how-to
Plumbing Repair: cementing flex pipe & fittings
Replacing Control Systems: new life for an old spa
Air Blowers: replacement guide
Error Codes: LCD topside controls messages

Reference Desk & Further Reading

History of Hot Tubs: how it all got started
Hydrotherapy & Health: your spa is good for you
Wood Hot Tubs: the leaky truth

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