Above Ground Pool Buyers Guide

Buying an above ground swimming pool isn’t just about finding a way to cool off in the blazing Texas heat or giving your kids something to do during summer break. It’s about making a little extra room in your life for things like having fun, relaxing, and spending quality time with your loved ones. 

But figuring out how to choose and install the best above ground pool for you and your family can be somewhat challenging, especially if you aren’t sure what you need to be looking for.

Ready to finally have the backyard you’ve always been dreaming of? With this Buyer’s Guide, you’ll be sitting poolside in no time. 

Obtaining a Permit

Before you get around to doing anything else on this list, take a moment to research local laws and HOA regulations surrounding pool ownership in your area.

Most Texas cities have zoning ordinances regarding residential pools and may require you to apply for a permit before installation, even for above ground swimming pools.

Luckily, this is a fairly laid-back process. Click here to read more about getting permission to install a residential swimming pool in Austin. 


Think about the layout of your property. If you’re reading this from home, take a moment to look around outside. Considering things like privacy, ease of access, and future maintenance, ask yourself where an above ground pool would fit best. 

If possible, try to find an open, flat space with good sunlight and minimal foliage or other obstructions nearby. Make a note of this spot with a photograph or drawing to refer back to during the installation process.

Size and Shape

Above ground pools generally come in two shapes: round and oval. Backyard Oasis recommends round pools for leisure and casual swimming. On the other hand, oval pools are a bit pricier but provide a wider berth for swimming laps and other athletic activities. 

The size of your above ground pool also plays a big role in determining the cost, so it’s important to consider all available options before making your decision.

A smaller swimming pool with a diameter in the 15’-18’ range may be a suitable fit for a 1-5 person household, but if you’re looking forward to throwing a pool party at any point in the future, you may want to set your sights on something with a little more space. 

Other Features to Look For

In today’s market, the best above ground pools are durable and sleek without being overly expensive. Resin pools like the Saratoga or Quantum models are preferable over traditional steel frames for their heat-resistant, anti-rust frames and modern feel. 

When choosing your above ground swimming pool, check to make sure it comes with high-quality hardware accessories like a hydraulic pump and cartridge filter, as these items will prevent you from spending extra on unnecessary maintenance projects in the future. 


Once you’ve obtained your permit and chosen the location, size, shape, and model of your above ground swimming pool, it’s time to bring it to life in your backyard. 

Installation should always be done by a trusted Backyard Oasis professional to ensure speed, safety, and pool perfection. Looking to make even more of a splash? Consider potential add-ons like luxury spas or above ground pool decks, which can add an extra layer of atmosphere to your property. 

Buying Your Above Ground Swimming Pool With Backyard Oasis

The right above ground pool can provide you with memories for years to come. Considering most above ground pools take as little as a day to install, it’s definitely a personal investment worth making. 

Your dream pool is waiting for you here at Backyard Oasis. Contact us today to get started.

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