Reasons to Choose an Above Ground Pool in Austin

Reasons to Choose an Above Ground Pool

If you’re considering installing a backyard pool and are looking for a more affordable option with less hassle, then an above ground pool in Austin can be an excellent choice. These pools provide an awesome setting for spending extra time with your family, a place for everyone to hang out and serves as a convenient exercise facility.

Here are some top reasons to why you should go for an above ground pool.

Easier to Install

Installation is surprisingly quick. An above-ground pool only requires little preparation as it doesn’t require you to dig up your yard to set it up. All that is required is a flat area of land to install the pool. You can have your dream backyard in just a day and if you are no longer interested in maintaining the pool, it can be easily removed restoring your yard to its initial state.

Saves on Space

Is the size of your backyard keeping you from getting a pool? Well, above ground pools comes in different sizes suited to fit in a variety of backyards. You can choose from a small round relaxing pool to bigger oval designs, large enough to comfortably swim laps in.


Since an above ground pool is raised off the ground, it’s easier to monitor and prevent accidents from happening, especially among small children or pets in your home. Families can even opt to build a deck around the pool and install a gate with a latch to regulate access to the pool.


Maintenance is super easy with above ground pools considering all parts are accessible. The same goes for inspection and repair. It’s small size will significantly cut on cleaning time too.


Above ground pools are an affordable option for many families in Austin area. Choosing one could help you save thousands of dollars on installation alone. This money can then be used to improve your landscaping or create the perfect oasis that truly reflects your style.

In as much as an above ground pool is affordable, it’s still a major investment that will require you to do further research to determine how much effort and money you’ll need to purchase, install and maintain it. Homeguides offers some few tips on buying an above ground pool.


Moving? just take it with you. Want to move your pool to a different location on your yard? It’s easy. You can even disassemble the pool and use the space for other purposes.

Solid Construction

Today’s model and designs are stronger, sturdier, rust-proof and more lang-lasting. They are usually constructed from steel or steel/resin combination creating a solid and durable framework.

Fun for the Whole Family

There are several features designed to enhance your above ground pool experience. From heat pump options to salt generation systems, fun fountains, waterfalls or slides and so much more, you certainly can have the most backyard fun with the least hassle.

If you’re considering investing in an above ground pool in Austin, consider speaking to the professionals at Backyard Oasis to learn more about the best options, styles, brands and construction types. Our knowledgeable pool professionals are looking forward to working with you to build your dream backyard relaxation spot.

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above ground pool in a backyard oasisImage of an above ground pool in the backyard.