Hot Tubs in Austin: 5 Key Tips for Planning a Hot Tub in Your Backyard

Shopping for hot tubs in Austin, TX? Before you make your purchase, you have a lot of planning to do first.

For instance, were you thinking about an above-ground hot tub or an in-ground spa? Do you know where you’re going to put it?

Are you prepared for the monthly upkeep? And where will you hang your towels?

These are just a few of the questions that need answering before having your hot tub delivered. Fortunately, you’ll find the answers in this step-by-step planning guide. Read on to learn all about it.

1. Know Your Options

Hot tub vs spa, indoor vs outdoor in-ground vs above-ground—just what kind of small, heated pool are we talking about here? Step one of planning a backyard spa is knowing your options. So, let’s start by clarifying some terms.

A hot tub is, generally, an above-ground, heated pool whereas a spa is installed into the ground. However, many above-ground hot tubs are also referred to as “spas.”

Hot tubs that are above-ground are often portable. These portable hot tubs are a good choice for those who might move to a different address someday.

Know that hot tubs generally have more jets, more features, and are more easily upgradeable than spas. They’re also easier and, therefore, cheaper to install. Although, you will need a level spot in your yard in which to place your hot tub.

Lastly, spas and hot tubs can be installed indoors as well. But that’s the topic of another article as today we’re focusing on backyard hot tubs.

2. Budget the Entire Project

When pricing out hot tubs, take into account the purchase price, delivery fee, and installation cost. Also, consider the upfront/monthly cost of upkeep (chemicals, cleaning tools, etc.). If you need any landscaping done before or after, add this in as well.

3. Lay the Groundwork

Next, figure out where the hot tub will go. It needs to be on a solid, level foundation of sufficient size. This usually requires preparatory landscaping.

Also, your hot tub should be somewhere that’s easily accessible. But make sure it doesn’t block your access to anything important, like doors and water spouts.

4. Accessorize

You’ll also want a place to hang your towels. Consider what kinds of towel racks, patio furniture, and other accessories you need for your spa.

If necessary, factor this “staging area” into your preparatory landscaping. Also, think about pathways and other complementary landscaping ideas.

5. Speak to a Hot Tub Professional

Lastly, get personalized advice from the hot tub experts you plan to purchase from. They might bring up extra considerations you haven’t planned for.

While speaking to them, find out if they offer a warranty to cover spa repair in Austin. Find out what’s covered and how repairs are handled.

Remember This Guide When Shopping For Hot Tubs in Austin

If you’re shopping for hot tubs in Georgetown, TX or Austin, prepare your backyard with these tips. Then, browse our assortment of the best hot tubs in Austin.

We also do repairs. If you need jacuzzi repair in Austin, click here to learn more.

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