The Quantum is designed to provide many years of enjoyment and fun for your family. The Quantum is versatile enough to fit any yard as a round or oval above ground.


  • 15″‘ round x 54″ high
  • 10-inch High Impact Synflex injection-molded curved resin top ledges
  • High Impact Synflex injection-molded resin uprights with printed pattern
  • Ledge covers perfectly adjust to upright
  • Resin bottom rails with integrated connecting plates
  • Robust injection-molded resin structure
  • Breeze wall pattern coated with Resin Kote
  • Heavy corrugated wall with superior coatings
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Exclusive Dura Lok resin bottom system
  • Classic style for a lifetime
  • Easy to assemble
  • Space saver system for oval pools
    -enjoy your pool without losing your yard

The Quantum 54 Resin Above Ground pool is a high quality pool with design features that put it in a range above the ordinary resin above ground pools.  Precision-molded ledge covers fit perfectly with the resin top ledges and use a sturdy snap-on process that eliminates most of the hardware.  Breeze wall pattern presents warm colors and dynamic textures, bringing aesthetic qualities that will keep you in the swim year after year.  Printed pattern plates on the uprights present a visual style that will provide an attractive enhancement for your backyard.

The Clean & Clear filter combine top-end filter performance with low maintenance. This dependable design uses a special filter elements to stip tiny particles from your pool water…particles as small as 20 microns. (An average grain of beach sand is 1,000 microns!) Plus, cleaning is a breeze. Open the top remove the cartridge, hose it off and the Clean & Clear filter is ready to go again.

  • Clean & Clear Cartridge Filter 1.0 / 75
  • Cartridge is easy to remove and rinse
  • Clamp ring allows easy access to cartridge and internal parts
  • Single-piece base and tank are constructed of fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene for strength and chemical resistance
  • High-Flow Manual Air Flow Relief Valve and continuous internal air relief work together to maintain optimum filtration efficiency at all times.

Dynamo pumps are an example of excellence in hydraulic engineering for that elusive combination of high efficiency and longevity. The key is an internal design evolved and refined over the past 40 years. The result is the ability to minimize friction and turbulence as water moves through the pump. Other pumps simply work harder, consume more energy and make more noise.

By contrast, Dynamo pumps are so efficient they typically require lower horsepower motors to deliver required flow-this slashes energy cost. Superior efficiency also translates directly into quieter operation. Put a Dynamo pump to work on your pool for maximum performance and value over the long term.

  • Diffuser and impeller provide excellent pressure performance across a wide range of desired flow rates-the hydraulic efficiency keeps operating cost at a minimum.
  • Self-priming design protect internal components and ensures long life.
  • Components are constructed from fiberglass-reinforced material for superior strength, durability and resistance to aging and the elements.
  • Three horsepower ratings available to precisely match up with your pool’s circulation needs.
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