Hot Tub & Spa Safety Tips

For healthy, safe and relaxing soaks, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Make spa safety simple with a bit a sensibility and our helpful tips.

Maintain Sanitizer & Water Balance

Clean, balanced water is mandatory for hot tub safety. Bacteria and viruses thrive in untreated hot water. Before getting into any spa, use test strips to check sanitizer, Total Alkalinity and pH levels.

Spa water that is cloudy, or has a strong or musty odor, is indicative of poor sanitation and excess contaminants. Shock with dichlor to clean up problem water, and add Oxy-Spa Non-chlorine Shock after each use to prevent cloudiness.

This oxidizing process breaks down the organic material that feeds bacteria and algae, and also improves sanitizer effectiveness.

Routine tests with a bacteria test can verify your sanitizer is working properly.

Chemicals & Spa Supplies

Store spa supplies in cool, dry, well-ventilated locations, away from direct sunlight and out of children and pets reach. Clean up drips and spills immediately and follow directions and precautions on the label.

Do not mix spa chemicals and treatments prior to addition to the water. Use a small bucket filled with clean water to pre-mix dry products. Avoid adding un-dissolved granules that may damage the spa shell or liner.

As a rule, never add water to acid, always add acid to water. This helps avoid any potentially harmful reactions or splashing. Use a gentle, buffered acid instead of harsh muriatic acid for both pool and spa.

Food and Drinks

Enjoy alcoholic beverages after using the spa, not before or during. Hot water intensifies the effects of spirits and may cause overheating and drowsiness. Drink plenty of cool water instead, staying hydrated and keeping core body temperature regulated.

Glass and ceramic containers can break and leave shards to harm bare feet. Any drinks or snacks consumed in or near the spa should be in shatter-resistant plastic bottles, cups and plates.

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