The Many Benefits of an Austin Above Ground Pool

10.4 million…that’s the number of residential swimming pools in the US. Are you planning to add to that number?

Adding a pool to your yard comes with a lot of factors to consider from the type of pool you’ll choose to insurance costs to increased energy costs to how long you’ll be able to use it each year.

Once you’ve looked at all the factors, it may come down to above ground pool versus inground pool…stick around to learn why an Austin above ground pool is the better choice.

Why Choose an Above Ground Pool?

Above ground pools have many benefits. They are very popular and smart homeowners are choosing them more often than not when the summer months are approaching. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why.

1. Quicker Installation

Above ground pools can be installed fairly quickly and a lot of times are a DIY project. Once the ground is cleared and leveled, the pool installation won’t take more than a day.

Add an additional day or two for the finishing touches like fencing around the top, ladder installation, and surrounding landscaping.

On the other hand, inground pool installation can range anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks depending on whether it’s gunite, vinyl, or fiberglass pool.

2. More Economical

Above ground pools are much less expensive. For as little as $1000, your family can be swimming, exercising, and cooling off the same way they would in an inground pool.

3. Easier to Maintain

Due to their smaller size and lower water volume, above ground pools are easier to maintain. All of the parts are accessible and not buried beneath the pool or concrete.

Above ground pools can also have an automatic pool cleaner installed in place of the usual above-ground pool center drain. This cleaner draws the water from the bottom of the pool and moves it around to get the dirt. This saves the homeowner from having to push the dirt to the drain.

4. Safety

Not using the pool? Take out the ladder and close the gate. This will lower the possibility of someone accidentally falling into the pool.

Of course, if your above ground pool is installed to look built-in, take the same precautions you would for an inground pool.

5. Not Permanent

When you move, you can actually take your above ground pool with you. Just take it down to move and reassemble at your new location.

You can even sell your above ground pool when you no longer use it or want it. An inground pool is expensive to remove or fill in and cover.

Above Ground Pool Experts

Now that you know the benefits of an above ground pool, your decision just got easier. Do you know who can help you with all of your Austin above ground pool needs? We at Backyard Oasis are experts in the field.

When you’re looking for “above ground pools for sale” look no further. We’ve been serving the greater Austin for 25 years. We’ll give you a custom experience for a competitive price. Contact us today. 

Want to create your Backyard Oasis? Send us a message!

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