• 12 Gauge 304 SS Drawer System
  • Two Separate Height Adjustable Charcoal/Wood Trays
  • Dual Zone Fireboxes Allows for Multiple Grilling Styles
  • Simultaneously Cook with  top and bottom Charcoal/Brisket Bins
  • Removable Divider between each Left & Right Zone
  • Adjustable Vents in each Drawer Face, Firebox & Hood
  • Included Pass-Thru Heat Flavorizor Racks
  • Including removable top Warming Rack
  • Included Left or Right mounted Rotisserie Unit
  • FreeStandard Shipping

42" Dual Zone 304 Stainless Steel Charcoal Grill


Sunstone® 42” Dual Zone Charcoal Grill, is not your ordinary charcoal grill, offered with exclusive dual zone drawer system – easily replenish or change your charcoal or wood type while you continue grilling. The Grills Dual Zone Combination offers a truly unique grilling experience unlike any other conventional charcoal grill on the market, not only with two separate levels of charcoal/wood trays, one stationary bottom tray – for larger cooking base, or water pan – while the height adjustable top tray is loaded with your choice of woods like mesquite, or oak – to give your food an added flavorful experience. Use one side for High Heat Grilling, while the other side is Low Heat Indirect Cooking or intense smoking experience.

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