Applied Computer Controls

Who we are.

In 1982 Applied Computer Controls was established to design, manufacture and sell electronic controls to the spa industry. Today we are still designing and manufacturing electronics. Our first product was the SC-100. It was introduced at the 1983 NSPI convention - The Moscone Center in San Francisco.

In 1989 we have purchased and moved to our current facility in the city of Azusa, CA. All our products are designed and manufactured in house : hardware, software and system design. Because we only purchase raw materials, we have total control over the quality of our products.

What we make.

Today, the descendants of the SC-100, our SmarTouch Digital family of electronic spa controls are built with the benefit of 20 years of experience. These controls have a lot of smarts built in and they are by far more reliable and above all they are extremely friendly to use. They have been designed with the user, the spa manufacturer as well as the serviceman in mind. Each aspect of a SmarTouch Digital is field programmable. With 3 different systems in the family, there is a SmarTouch Digital for every spa application.

Our Position.

We at ACC want you, our customers to know that we are not the subject of any litigation, and that our designs precede, and are all original, even though they have been copied, emulated and mimicked by others.

Our Plan.

To increase our share of the spa controls market. To that end we are constantly revising our pricing structure very aggressively. We want to invite the largest number of manufacturers and servicemen to test drive our SmarTouch Digital family of spa controllers. We want you to discover the robustness and reliability of our products.